Gaming Paradise is the premier representative for resort and casino destinations worldwide. Our company is comprised of resourceful professionals with a wealth of experience and expertise in the gaming industry. Our goal is to provide you unparalleled service with the highest possible level of quality and integrity.

Our gaming agents are fully licensed but not beholden to any one particular casino property. We represent many casino properties in Las Vegas and around the world, including many major cruise lines. We act as your personal liaison negotiating betting limits and discounts on losses. We work hard to get the maximum amount of comps that you deserve. Our vast knowledge base of what’s possible allows us to access what our competitors deem inaccessible.

How It Works

Here at Gaming Paradise, we provide personalized casino travel services to qualified and non-qualified gamblers – whether they’re looking for cruise trips or vacation packages to well-known casinos. We book blocks of seats on commercial planes, and when we have a large group of gamblers we’ll even charter a plane to our destination (saving our clients lots of money!) Additionally, we provide our clients with hotel reservations, baggage handling and ground transportation.

For qualified gamblers, we can arrange “comp” travel. As authorized casino representatives, we can book any offers received directly from the casino. Clients never have to deal with the hassle of numerous phone calls to the casino. Instead, we will arrange the trip and contact clients with a complete itinerary when we’re done.

We offer discounted rates to non-qualified gamblers (meaning clients who have never been rated or who have ratings that do not qualify them for complimentary trips). We use the term “Tour & Travel” for customers who pay a casino package price to go on our trips. This price includes airfare, hotel accommodations, baggage handling and ground transportation.

Every player deserves an agent.

Are you looking for a weekend getaway? How about a week-long cruise? You can now sit back, relax and leave the booking to us. We represent casino properties across the world, including the high seas! Don’t waste time looking through 20 different business cards from 20 different hosts at 20 different hotels. Simply pick up the phone and call us. We offer select getaways for both individuals and groups, and our casino trips and cruises are always complimentary for qualified players.